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Internet Reliance, Inc.
2921 Channel Bay Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Phone: (702)475-4002
Toll Free: (800)208-2303
Fax: (702)363-6230
Our Philosophy

We believe that the difference between Internet Reliance and other Web design and development companies is in our approach to the needs of our clients. While other companies may concentrate merely on "going for the result", producing a Web site that is visually "cool" or "awesome", we address our customer’s purpose in developing their web site to:
  • Establish a Worldwide presence
  • Increase sales of goods and services
  • Efficiently deliver marketing messages and
  • Provide interactive customer service
Each site is a unique creation which reflects a client's tastes and business goals. Your site is designed to be visually compelling, informative, easy to navigate and affordable. Developing professional web sites, with such high design standards, requires both technical and artistic skill. At Internet Reliance you'll receive individual treatment and the exact web site you need and want to meet and/or exceed your online business goals.

Our Ultimate Goal
Internet Reliance's work is forged with one goal in mind - to give our clients a presence on the internet that will enhance their current business or help establish their business on-line.

The Difference
  • Award winning sites
  • Expert native programming
  • Detail-oriented graphics
  • Smart, user friendly layouts
  • Advanced technologies
  • Savvy site promotion
  • Marketing strategy
  • Proven and secure e-commerce
  • Timely site maintenance
  • Personalized service
  • Professional consulting services
Keeping Up To Date
The President Beth Borysewich (Webula) has co-hosted a radio show for four years on Hot Talk 105.1 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband Radiodude. When the station was sold, and went to Mexican programming, she and her husband moved to 1230AM KLAV, their finger is constantly on the pulse of the ever-changing World Wide Web to bring you the latest technologies and design techniques. 20 years of computer experience and 5 years internet design, Beth has her definate opinions on web design, browers and web building software.

If you want to hear the down and dirty without sugar coating, Webula will deliver. Informative and wacky, Webula will definately let you know how to design a page as well as how to market it. Check out Radio Dude and Webula on Surf's up!

Design and Technology
Internet Reliance can develop, remodel, or update your web presence. In fact, a great deal of our work is remodeling pages that clients' weren't happy with that were designed by other companies. We offer web site management techniques, e-commerce, and online business model consulting.

Bottom Line
We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Founded as part of NETstat Associates a full service network design and installation consulting firm dedicated to Client/Server enterprises. We began providing full service web hosting and advanced development services in 1995. After continued growth of the web development side of the company, we changed our name to better reflect our complete range of products. Internet Reliance - let us help you make your visions go beyond reality.